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A new website for Njoki

A new face, that wants to think outside the box

After 7 years, Njoki gets a new website - and sets a sign also in the outer appearance, which has long been lived in the inner project work:

Njoki sees itself as a joint project between partners in Germany and East Africa - not as a "development aid project" à la "white saviorism".

Njoki builds on the potentials she experiences in life and exchange with East African cultures - not on German assertions about "African" needs and realities.

Njoki thrives on a cooperation at eye level, which transforms one's own perspectives, questions set assumptions and knows no master plan but that of growing and working together in a continuous learning process.

This new face of Njoki is a transparent collection of experiences, learning processes, successes, defeats, thoughts and inspirations from a project work with and in East Africa.


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