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Project "FaMoja" (from Kiswahili "familia moja", i.e. "one family") is a place in central Kenya that focuses on the potential of Kenyan resources. The vision of the meanwhile 15 project members is to combine ecological agriculture with sustainable tourism in order to build up an exemplary place of resource exchange that is self-sustaining in the long run and can be a supporting force for local grassroots projects and sustainable innovations.

More than 90% of the population in Kirinyaga live from agriculture. The core of FaMoja's vision is to establish an ecological demo farm that shows regional farmers the power of their local native- and medicinal plants in comparison to seeds imported from the West, some of which are genetically modified. Combined with innovative methods such as biogas and permaculture, a place is created that offers space for workshops and exchange formats on topics such as sustainability, production of ecological pesticides and the use of medicinal plants.

"FaMoja" was born out of the community and can only grow through it. The basic principle is the recognition of local potential and the willingness to share knowledge.  Teachers, farmers, social workers and others seek close cooperation with schools, church communities, regional initiatives and (inter)national pioneer projects in Kenya and East Africa. Together, concepts are developed for the use of local resources, such as a skill center for honey production, bread baking, juice pressing and fruit drying, which in turn drive educational programs on sustainable nutrition.

News from Project FaMoja:

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