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Project "Kandongu" is sourge of Njoki's cooperation with Kenya. The elementary school (preschool + grades 1-8), run by catholic friars, follows the vision of supporting children from families who cannot afford to pay school fees. As this attempt often led to instability of the school (school fees are the main source of income for the institution), it is important for Kandongu to establish income generating and cost reducing projects.

Since 2012, 8 classrooms, 8 teachers' apartments, 2 dormitories have been built, electricity and water supply has been ensured and the population of the school has tripled. Over a hundred children have been provided free education so far. A large farm feeds much of the school community and a bakery established this year lays the foundation for a more balanced diet and profit generation.

In close cooperation with Br. Francis Macharia, current director and co-founder of the school, and Ignatius Atuma (former headteacher), Njoki has achieved and learned a lot together with a network of supporters locally and in Germany: Where support makes sense, when it is more of a curse than a blessing, and why one does not always does good when one wants to help. Thus, mutual understanding and learning from and with each other has become the most valuable pillar of this project.

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