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Newsletter January 2021

News from on site: How do I experience the Corona situation here? - Archive from 25.01.2021

Hello all,

I wish you all a wonderful and healthy year 2021! For me, this has started very exciting, I was able to experience the turn of the year in Kenya and am still there.

What is actually the Corona situation here?

The pandemic is hardly noticeable here. Not only because of the low numbers of infections - well, that may be because there is hardly any testing. Also because of the attitude of the people to this so-called "crisis", which is certainly not the first and only one in their lives. Gatherings are taking place, schools are back to 100% since January, there are no restrictions except for a curfew from 10pm.

It is important for me to report that the presumption of the West that Corona would be a disaster for African countries, for example, has been turned into the opposite here.

Yes, many have lost their jobs, there is no government aid and thus many challenges. People are on their own, as usual. And what does that mean?

In my close environment here, 7 people have changed their profession because they found and invented more lucrative activities through Corona. There is no limit to creativity - for example, one local principal used all his empty classrooms to start a huge chicken project.

Having your own little farm has proven more valuable than ever. Schools are bursting at the seams because after a year of "vacation," education is valued more by many parents. Childcare has not been a challenge in this community-centered life, with all neighbors raising their flock of children together.

"Crisis? Everywhere I look I see growth, motivation and creativity!"

Wherever I look, I see growth and development, motivation and not a state of emergency as prophesied. Sometimes I wish we could take a leaf out of this flexible approach to life, which uses crises as potentials and allows space for something new.

Here an overview of all the new movements and challenges in our "School Project Kandongu" and in the Community Project "FaMoja". Thank you for your trust and support!

Successes in the Kandongu school project

-20 new desks and chairs for the Kandongu school project:

Contrary to our expectations, after 9 months of school closure as a Corona protection measure, we were able to welcome so many more children to the reopening in January than we had said goodbye to last year. The appreciation of education has grown over this time and so our school now counts almost 400 children. We are very happy about this, but this also created bottlenecks in the school's infrastructure. Many children have no chair, no table and social distance is unthinkable. Thanks to Akifra e.V. and private donations, 20 new tables and chairs could be bought in January.

-A second cow for the Kandongu school project:

A growing school community needs more milk - tea (with milk) is provided daily to the children and teachers. To save costs (1l=75 Cent) a second cow was needed! Thanks to Akifra e.V. this new cow now lives in our school and gives 3-5 liters of milk daily.

-A rabbit project for the Kandongu school project:

This rabbit hutch is only the beginning of an income-generating project for this school. Not only the costs for meat (once a week for 40 children) shall be reduced in the future, but also rabbits and their urine shall be sold as a very popular fertilizer. At the moment the school owns 20 rabbits.

What about the land purchase for project "FaMoja"?

We are in the process of a land purchase as a starting point for the educational and agricultural project "FaMoja", for which we were able to collect 36 000 euros! The purchase process is going slower than expected and we want to take each step with the necessary caution in order to have a secure purchase contract in our hands at the end. Of course you will be kept up to date!


Love from Kenya, Jana

Translated from German: Njoki.

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