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Online narrative on 07.11.2020

"They gave me the name Njoki" by Jana Winterhalter.

Sat, 07 Nov 2020, 6pm. (Archive from 15.10.2020)

"They gave me the name 'Njoki' - the one who went to come back." JW

Narration in words and pictures: Impressions from eight years of project work and life in and with East Africa

Out of a thirst for adventure, I had traveled to Kenya at the age of 18 in search of vastness, red earth and smiling people. I found them. And with them the life that plays between these 'picture books': the relentlessness of nature, the barriers of one's own imprint, the incompatibility of cultures and the warm-hearted gesture of deep connection. Until today I have returned several times, I have accompanied many projects, I have seen their destruction and I still create new ones - countless times I have said it was the last time. I would like to share this evening my experiences and stories from 8 years of relationship with a country that taught me in extremes, leaving no opposition out, fulfilling no expectation, making miracles happen, relentlessly striking and patiently giving - and in which only impermanence endures.


Meeting-ID: 871 4615 2112

Kenncode: 681301

Translated from German: Njoki.

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