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Intuitive Training for Kenyan students

The practice of being that knows no skin color, no grades, no judgements

At the Institute for Intuitive Training Cologne, I have been freeing and strengthening the connection to my intuition - the very own voice of my Self - in various trainings since 2018. This unique practice, which does not understand spirituality as a bubble, but locates and integrates it directly in life, has become the conscious engine of all my decisions, my creation and my existence. Since February I have been given the opportunity to pass on the method of intuitive training to the students of Project Kandongu.

Inner connection in times of change

This time is not only a transformative one in Germany - here in Kenya I experience an even more intense and inevitable form of change, directly into creativity. In itself, the connection to the earth here is more free, integrated and naturally lived anchor of many cultures. Mindfulness as a separate practice is foreign to most here.

Last week I started the intuition training with about 40 students of a primary school I have been accompanying for many years. The young people are facing a big step, soon they will leave this school after 11 years. this means non-stop learning and the pressure of competition is high. The students live together in a small space. They spend day and night together, sharing the dormitory, the study program, the prayer sessions, all the meals and in general all the issues of being human.

Space for looking inwards

Three times a week, the intuitive training now offers them the chance to experience being only with themselves for 40 minutes. With their perceptions, feelings, thoughts and with their very own connection to the earth, to the breath, to the now. I'm pleased to see how positively the intuitive training is received, because the young people live a school day in which it usually can't be too loud, in which they learn aloud in choir, in which the strongest voice wins.

Sitting quietly and doing nothing but breathing and noticing is challenging, yet direct and deeply effective. I look forward to the journey together in the coming weeks and wish the young people the growing awareness of a safe place within themselves, of their very own truths and the power of their own souls, as they soon take their big step into a new stage of life.

Translated from German: Njoki.

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